Ask The Right Questions From The Moving Companies

Just like in many areas in life, the ability to ask the right questions can become very handy when you are dealing with a removalist or a moving company. What are those questions? Let’s take a more detailed look into the most important ones, which, although won’t guarantee you a flawless outcome, will certainly increase your chances of finding a quality company that you will be satisfied with.

Broker or mover? Answer my simple question

No, I’m not trying to force you into an interrogation situation, but if it is not obvious to you from the website or the ad, you should definitely ask that question from the removals. In my opinion, at this day and age the middle man is completely unnecessary when it comes to moving. It’s 2015, even the smallest companies have websites that their customers can find, and from that point on it will come down to a combination of things like reputation, testimonials, service listing and of course price as well. There is no need for any broker to be involved when you can directly deal with the moving company.

What about a binding quote?

This is another important aspect because it will of course influence the final price. Is that offer you have heard over the phone was a binding offer? Getting a “binding, not to exceed” quote is probably the best thing that can happen to you (if you like the price, of course) because it means that even if the weight of your shipment would end up exceeding the previously agreed upon limit, you would still pay the same price. 

Are there any extra charges?

This is another important aspect whenever you hire removals. Some companies will offer you extremely promising prices, only to disappoint you later when the final price isn’t what you agreed upon, at all. Those situations can be avoided if the two parties agree on everything and writes up a contract. The contract doesn’t have to be written up; it can be a verbal contract or an online contract as well. Of course the regulations can change depending on which country you live in.

Will the move involve any transfers?

In case the move is a long distance one, item transfers can happen. You however, have a right to be informed about this, if not for else because it can actually increase the chances of our items getting damaged. It doesn’t matter how good that particular removalist that you are dealing with, accidents can always happen and you have a right to know everything that will happen to your items during the moving process.

What about the insurance?

Needless to say, hiring a service that doesn’t have quality insurance is not recommended. Doesn’t matter how great of a price they offer you, it just not worth it. You could end up with significant financial damages, much higher damage that the difference between the two services’ prices. Even if it’s only a basic insurance coverage, you can feel safe knowing that if anything would happen to your items, you would be compensated for it.